Sunday, June 18, 2006

Butt, but, butte, toot, hoot, flute, poot, scoot, root, newt

Chris and I went on our biking expedition yesterday. I am TIRED.

At various times I would say to Chris (who is indefatigable), "You go ahead. Just leave me. Tell the children I love them!"

To which she would reply, "Oh c'mon, it's FUN!"

Surprisingly enough, nothing hurts today but my. . . butt. I absolutely could not have done even the tiny bit that I did do hauling the girls. Keep your trailer, Susan. It's pure insanity.

Anyway, be proud of me. I got off my. . .butt. . .sort of.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


School starts tomorrow for the summer.

That is good news.

Most of the classes in my department got cancelled and I was in danger of losing mine to low enrollment and then seniority bumping but apparently no one can teach those hours. Thank you, GOD. Sorry, folks, the kids gotta eat.

I'm still contemplating the Ph.D. I waver between online and in person at MSU. Any thoughts? FUnding is always an issue, but an issue either way.

I hope to take a bike ride on Portland's trails next saturday. Does anyone want to loan me their kidlet trailer (SUSAN)? And on Wed. I hope to go to Kresge in the morning to look at some art? Care to tag along? Don't worry. . . I'm laughing, too.