Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Right, so. . .

I've mostly divested from MySpace, quit my second job and spent a lot of money today. Things are going well.

I've come to realize that in the last 3 years I've had 4 different blog addresses. I'm sure that has some deep meaning in the grand scheme of things, but I've decided to just go with it. The people that need to find me will.

Today was a good day. Warm, sunny, with only a scattering of tears and screaming. As wonderful as the girls are, they are still siblings.

I was actually blog reading today and came across some really funny stuff. It's good to know that humor lives on in cyberspace.

I went to dinner (alone) at Cheeseburger in Paradise by the Lansing Mall and had a Watermelon martini. They are quite large. So I thought I'd better have a walk before I drove home. So there I am trying to navigate across SAGINAW 3 sheets to the wind. Yikes. BUt I am all right and alive. Big Lots is having a big sale. There is no furniture at Burlington Coat Factory and if you run really fast crossing 5 lanes of traffic is a cakewalk. Really.

The mall pretty much sucks these days;it's all under construction. A dumb move, I think, this close to summer.

After an hour and a half, several adrenaline surges and brisk walking (because I've become bored with shopping, even at Barnes and Noble. I know. It's crazy)I felt safe to drive home. . .Convieniently forgetting that I needed to stop and get snacks for the kids and the Zoo field trip tomorrow. Dingy. So mere seconds from my house I turn up Waverly for a last minute juice box,string cheese and turkey run. A far cry from the Boones Farm wine runs in college. Oh help. I'm going to bed.


Anonymous Sharon said...

You are so lucky Em or I didn't run you over. :) See you tomorrow night. The book was riveting!!

8:11 PM  

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