Friday, May 26, 2006


Ok, so. . .

Book group was last night. At my house. For the first time in 2 years.

I was, of course, in a panic. But it turned out wonderfully. And all the ladies were so wonderful to overlook our plethora of plastic toys, half painted kitchen and sprung (as in, springs are sprung) couches.

I tell you, it almost made up for the $400 flights to New York ( I want to go to the Guggenheim, remember). Thanks, ladies!

Got no plans for Memorial Day. Care to invite us?


Blogger Mindy said...

Come with us! We'll probably leave Sunday morning and come back Monday afternoon-ish. If you ride with us sleeping accommodations will be made. Either that or you can drive down just for the day on Monday. Call me. I'll be home with Poet tonight :)

1:00 PM  
Anonymous maki said...

Our day was that much more precious because you were part of it.

Love, maki

3:54 AM  

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