Monday, May 29, 2006

Another set of truths

Sometimes I like to be alone. You may have already guessed that from the trips I take and long to take. Sometimes I wonder if I have gotten to like it (being alone) too much.

This weekend Mama Melinda took me camping. The monkeys were with their father.

I went to sleep around 11 on Sunday night in our big tent(we have 3 tents and we never camp. go figure) and I woke up alone. Ahh, glorious.

I laid in bed (in bag?) till I was good and ready to get up. There were no sounds of need. No "mom, mom, mom, mom,mom...etc." Just crickets and birds and things that take care of themselves.


I did have to repeat this mantra:

"Our God is not a God of anxiety,"

in order to not worry about my broken van or where Lila will go to school or being lonely in the long run or, or, or....

I think it worked. Today was a good day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Chey,

I miss you. Call me sometime.

Cindy Agnew

7:19 PM  

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