Monday, July 25, 2005

A farmer's woes. . .

SO, we had this crazy pouring rain on Sunday that flattened several of my corn stalks.

Needless to say, I was slightly peeved. I harvested some corn today and it was tiny, Eva sized corn. But I did get some great cornsilk and husks for doll's. Clearly I know nothing about corn.

It is 11pm and 81 degrees outside, 69% humidity. Lord, o Lord, why hast thou forsaken me?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Don't leave home. . .ever

So I left Davin home with the kids this evening. I went to Altu's and to the Knitting Guild's weekly knit-in.

Altu's is great Ethiopian food and save your jokes. They do have food in Ethiopia.

So I get home after grocery shopping and a blockbuster run, take out the garbage and come to the computer.

My "y" is laying on top of my keyboard. Not in the keyboard, but on top. It seems like whenever I am gone from here something strange (or sometimes awful) happens. My computer is a wreck already, but it needs no help toward computer heaven.

I will not ask the obvious questions.

A balustrade


Anybody got any bright ideas about suffering that happens near you?

One of my students is from Sudan. He has not seen nor heard from his father since 1983. His mother went missing in 2000. Holy cats. He has seen numerous atrocities and "Crimes against humanity." With his own eyes. YIKES!

He seems to be doing ok. He is a really nice guy/dad/student. He seems to have pulled through. But. . .

He has suffered near me. What do I do?

I have suffered near people. What should they do?

Are you suffering? What can be done?

Self-pity is not part of the equation here. Suffering is real. It comes in intensities but all intensities hurt. Is suffering to be alleviated or endured? And are we (the hands and feet of God) to do the alleviation or stand arm-in-arm and become a balustrade for endurance?

Or should we just ignore it?

Sunday, July 17, 2005

I Am Still Here

So, I've been chided to post more. I am sure that is interesting, in that, this is not the first time that I have been chided for not posting.

I've got nothing to say really.

The kids are fine. Lila has been really cruddy lately. Like, all the worst of the elementary school playground. She's bossy, she's yelly, she's sassy. I'm ready to trade her in. Any takers? She did say that she desperatly misses Cole and Chaz, so maybe that accounts for her craziness. Luckily, they are back from their honeymoon and ready to play.

Cole was saying that everyone is keeping their distance and not calling since they got back from CA. It's hard to know how to handle the returning couple. Do they want company or privacy? Probably both. It'll work out.

Eva is well. She reminds me not to yell at her sister by hummming at me. Seriously. If I yell even a little, she hummms at me angrily and I stop and apologize. It is really handy to have an external conscience. I think I will take her around with me forever.

Working this summer is tougher than I had imagined. It is taking up all of my time and all of my good graces. Grrr.

I hope to go to Stratford in August to see Into The Woods . Anyone want to come with me?