Sunday, March 13, 2005

Hey, here I am again . . .(on my own)!

I am at Beaner's with Nicole Provencal (who is shockingly soon to become Carrillo) attempting to grade papers and do teacher stuff. I did nothing during spring break, just like my students, sooooo now I have to cram, just like my students. But, by the by, Nicole says I need to have my own blog and I half agree so here it is, Folks, A new and improved Webface for Chey.

Now, let's set a few ground rules:

1) You must comment (this means you, YOU, YOU)! It is for the good of all and the continuation of the dying art of conversation. Ok. It's just because I want the attention and feedback, I am a teacher, you know.

2) You must play along with all contests and memes and surveys (or at least the ones that look mildly interesting); and finally,

3) You must come back and see us often and lambast if there has been no posting ( I need the accountability, I am an evangelical, after all).

Now I have to go home an do MOM. I've got to teach in the morning and I need to finish watching "The Two Towers" tonight. YIKES!